artaphot DSC05369 Canon F-1 FD 55mmf12

The classical Canon F-1 setup: F-1 body with the prism finder, the FD 1.2/55mm fast lens and the MF Motor drive.



artaphot DSC05369 Canon F-1 FD 300mmf28 Fluorite

Probably the ultimate sports photographer dream combination of its day - the F-1 equipped with motor drive and the legendary FD 2.8/300mm Fluorite lens. While the first commercially available fluorite lenses for 35 mm SLRs, the FL 5.6/300mm, had been introduced in 1968, the superfast f2.8 version had to wait until 1974 (FL 2.8/300mm Fluorite) and 1975 (FD version). While the FL 5.6/300mm has two smaller fluorite lenses, the FL/FD 2.8/300mm has only one (albeit large) fluorite lens. The second large positive lens in the front group consits of LD glass (Abbe number v=70). All three lenses mentioned don't have internal or rear focusing.




artaphot DSC05369 Canon F-1 FD 28mmf2


Basically the same setup, but with the well respected FD 2/28mm fast wideangle, a lens that often had been used for reportage.