Mamiya CS System DSC03708


A bunch of Mamiya Sekor CS lenses for the Mamiya NC1000 SLR series.

On the left an NC1000 with Mamiya Sekor CS 1.7/50mm, then a NC1000s with CS 1.4/50mm. Next are the CS 3.5/50mm Macro and the two zooms 3.5/45-90mm and 3.8/80-200mm.
On the right side the three tele lenses 2.8/135mm, 3.5/200mm, and 4/300mm. In front the 2.8/28mm followed by the 1.7/50mm and the fast 1.4/50mm.

Missing on this image the Sekors CS 3.5/14mm Fisheye, the 2.8/21mm and the 2.8/35mm.