The Mamyia Sekor SX 2.8/28mm is well built and rather lightweight (205 g) wideangle lens with M42 mount. Focusing on my sample is rather stiff, ant the MFD is a common 0.3 m. The Sekor 2.8/28mm has a [7/7] construction with a positive-leading front group. It rubber focusing grip tends to rip, however this can be fixed by re-glueing it carefully to the lens barrel.


The lens performs surprisingly well, clearly outperforming the Zeiss CY 2.8/28mm (which never was considered as stellar lens): Corner resolution on 24 MP FF cameras is better at f2.8 and at f5.6. Only at f11 both the Zeiss and the Mamiya level out.



MamiyaSekorSX 28mmf28


Mamiya Sekor SX 28mmf28

MAMIYA SEKOR SX 28mm 1:2.8            
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