35mm 1:2.8 - Konica AR, Minolta MC-II and MD-III, Topcon RE, Yashica ML

Starting from a thread about the Topcor RE 2.8/35mm I started to investigate a few classical 2.8/35mm lenses. Three of them are early retrofocus constructions from the 1960s (Konica AR 2.8/35mm, Minolta MC-II 2.8/35mm, Topcor RE 2.8/35mm), two of them are more modern calculatioins from the 1970s (Minolta MD 2.8/35mm and Yashica 2.8/35mm - the latter exist in a earlier 7-lens and in a later 6-lens construction).


Test 35mmf28 lenses overview


These images are 100% crops from the extreme corners of a 24MP full frame camera:

Test 35mmf28 at f28 corner artaphot


Here a 100% crops from the field of the same image, showing clearly the coma of the elder lenses:

Test 35mmf28 at f28 field artaphot