"A most sterling performance was recorded from this ten ounce marvel of an optic" says Poular Photography in its test of the RE Auto-Topcor 100mm 1:2.8. The lens is a classical Sonnar construction. Its lens section looks very similar tro the Olympia Sonnar 2.8/180mm, designed in 1936 at Zeiss by Ludwig Bertele. The resolution over the entire image is very good, even at f2.8. The typical slight blueish-yellow CAs of Berteles original Sonnars (such as the 4/13.5cm and the 2.8/18cm) can be found here as well. The lens is small (also a hallmark of the Sonnars), lightweight, and very well made. The engravings are precisely cut, and focusing is exceptionally smooth even after 50 years. "A gem of a lens" concludes Popular Photography ist test, and we can't agree more.


Topcor RE 100mm f28
 Topcor RE 100mm f28 pic
TOPCON AUTO-TOPCOR RE 100mm 1:2.8                 
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artaphot Topcor RE 100mm f28 corners