artaphot DSC04979 Konica FM FP


Konica FM (1965) with Konishiroku F  Hexanon 1.4/52 mm and Konishiroku F Hexanon 2.8/35 mm. On the right the extremely rare Konishiroku Hexanon 1.8/85 mm for the original Konica F. The weird looking blue rear lens cap, though not marked with "Konica", is the original lens cap from 1960. Later lenses - such as the 1.4/52mm and the 2.8/35mm shown here - had a grey rear lens cap, stamped with minute KONICA letters.


The first Konica SLR, the iconic Konica F, is extremely rare. It was the only ever Konica SLR with an exchangable viewfinder, and the first SLR to have a fast 1/2000s shutter.Its shutter later was developped into the Copal sqare shutte and later into the famous CLS (Copal Leitz Shutter). Most shutters used today are related to the original Konica F shutter, a masterpiece developped between 1953 and 1960.

The other Konica F-mount cameras are quite difficult to find as well. The Konica FS and FP and the FM (shown here) were fully manual cameras. The latter had an integrated CdS cell for light metering which was mounted externally (no TTL metering). The FM was replaced by the Auto-Reflex which had a completely new (and much wider) bayonet called AR-mount. The Auto-Reflex was  the first SLR with automatic exposure, triggered by a TTL light metering.


artaphot DSC05378 Konica F mount SLRs

The Konica F (not shown here), the FS, the FP and the FM all have the Konica F mount, not to be confused with the later Konica AR mount which was introduced in 1965 with the Konica Auto Reflex. The earlier Konica F mount looks strikingly similar to the Exakta bayonet, but it is slightly different in size and shape. The Konica F lenses were made in two sub-series:

1) a few extremely rare lenses for the Konica F (with an external aperture lever and a knurled metal focusing grip):
35mm 1:2
52mm 1:1.4
85mm 1:1.8
135mm 1:2.8

2) the later and not-so-rare F mount lenses for the Konica FS, FP and FM (without external aperture lever and with a flat metal focusing grip):


Most lenses from the second series were taken over to the AR lens mount