The Konica AR 3.5/35-70 mm is the oldest of the three Konica AR 35-70 mm lenses. It is the heaviest (about 500 g) and largest of the three, too. It is a two group zoom which consists of a positive master lens (lenses 5-9) and a negative front group (lenses 1-4). Basically it's optical construction resembles a retrofocus wideangle. The two group zoom was first developed by Nikon in the early 1960, but not commercially used. Later, around 1970, Canon did start to produce its groundbreaking FD 2-8-3.5/35-70 mm lens which was the first wideangle zoom with a really good optical performance. It's optical design was so well done that shortly thereafter a lot of very similar siblings did appear on the market: Nikons 3.5/35-70 mm, the Hexanon AR 3.5/35-70mm, the Minolta MD 3.5/35-70 mm, the corresponding Tamrons, and many others.



Konica Hexanon AR 35-70mmf35 section Konica Hexanon AR 35-70mmf35 pic MKONICA HEXANON 35-70mm 1:3.5
(9 freistehende Linsen)



* Erstes (ältestes) 35-70er von Konica
* 9 freistehende Linsen,
* Gross; ca. 500 g schwer
* Gute Naheinstellgrenze von 35 cm
* An 24 MP Vollformat recht gute Abbildungsleistung bis in die Ecken (detaillierter Vergleich zum wesentlich kleineren Minolta MD 3.5/35-70mm steht noch aus)
* Gemäss A. Buhl das beste der drei Konica 35-70mm Objektive