The Konica AR 3.5/35-70 mm is the oldest of the three Konica AR 35-70 mm lenses. It is the heaviest (about 500 g) and largest of the three, too. It is a two group zoom which consists of a positive master lens (lenses 5-9) and a negative front group (lenses 1-4). Basically its optical construction resembles a retrofocus wideangle. The two group zoom was first developed by Nikon in the early 1960, but not commercially used. Later, around 1970, Canon did start to produce its groundbreaking FD 2.8-3.5/35-70 mm lens which was the first wideangle zoom with a really good optical performance. It's optical design was so well done that shortly thereafter a lot of very similar siblings did appear on the market: Nikons 3.5/35-70 mm, the Hexanon AR 3.5/35-70mm, the Minolta MD 3.5/35-70 mm, the corresponding Tamrons and Tokinas, the Yashica 3.5/35-70mm, the Zeiss CY 3.4/35-70mm, and many more.



Konica Hexanon AR 35-70mmf35 section Konica Hexanon AR 35-70mmf35 pic MKONICA HEXANON 35-70mm 1:3.5
(9 freistehende Linsen)



* Erstes (ältestes) 35-70er von Konica
* 9 freistehende Linsen,
* Gross; ca. 500 g schwer
* Gute Naheinstellgrenze von 35 cm
* An 24 MP Vollformat recht gute Abbildungsleistung bis in die Ecken (detaillierter Vergleich zum wesentlich kleineren Minolta MD 3.5/35-70mm steht noch aus)
* Gemäss A. Buhl das beste der drei Konica 35-70mm Objektive