The Konica AR Hexar 4/200 mm (not to be confused with the Hexanon AR 4/200 mm) is a huge an heavy (>800 g!) telephoto lens which was sold 1975-1978 as a cheaper alternative to the Hexanon AR 3.5/200mm. Its look and size remind me of the much older pre-Ai Nikkor 4/200 mm (1961), however it is heavier and has a different optical construction. The Hexar is a classical Ernostar design derived from a triplet, while the Nikkor is a classical telephoto type, albeit also with four lenses. As we would expect, the much younger Konica performs better than the old Nikkor. In fact, it performs as well as most other contemporary 4/200mm designs such as the Minolta MC 4/200mm, the Canon FD 4/200mm or the Nikkor Ai 4/200mm (see test images below).


The lens is said to be manufactured by Tamron, but I have no proof to this. In fact, its general appearance resembles the strange (and obviously not Minolta-made) Minolta Celtic 2.8/135mm from 1974 which was quickly replaced by the Minolta-made Celtic 2.8/135mm in 1975. I'm quite sure the Haeax and the early Celtic have the same origins.


Konica 200mm f4 Hexar AR-II lens section  Konica Hexar AR 200mmf4 KONICA HEXAR 200mm 1:4                             
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