Unlike most other Macro lenses in the 50-55mm range, the Konica Hexanon AR 3.5/55mm is a simple Tessar type with only four lenses in three groups. The Canon FD 3.5/50mm Macro and the Nikkor 3.5/55mm Micro have five lenses, and the Minolta Rokkor 3.5/50mm is a classical Planar type with six lenses in four groups. Nevertheless the Hexanon performs quite well in the infinity range: its corner resolution is nearly as good as the Canon and the Nikkor, and even better than the Minolta.



 Konica Hexanon AR 55mmf35 Macro pic  Konica Hexanon AR 55mmf35 Macro section KONICA HEXANON 55mm 1:3.5              
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