The Konica Hexar 3.5/28mm was one of three "budget" lenses produced around 1980 for the Konica SLR system. The other two lenses were the Hexar 3.5/135mm and the Hexar 4/200mm. The Hexar 3.5/28mm obviously is hsarong its optical construction wih the Hexanon 3.5/28mm [5/5]. Both lenses - the Hexar and the Hexanon - perform identically; the barrels however are different. The Hexar (195 g) is slightly heavier than the Hexanon (175 g), and its focusing is both smootherand with more play / wobbling.


While both the [7/7] as well as the [5/5] version of the 3.5/28mm Hexanon are abundant, the Hexar is more difficult to find, but not more expensive!



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