Minolta 1000mm f63 RF MINOLTA 1000mm 1:6.3 (8 Linsen mit 2 Spiegeln, 1 Filter / 8 Glieder)


Fassungen: SR (1965)




This is an extremely rare 1000mm Minolta Rokkor lens, manufactured ca. 1965.
There were 3 series of this lens made from 1965 through the early 1970's. They bore serial numbers starting with 11, 12 and 13.
This lens has serial number 1100004, the fourth lens made from the first series and possibly one of the last in existence.
When this was manufactured it was the most expensive item in Minolta's catalog. In today's dollars it would have sold for somewhere in the neighborhood of $13,000 USD.

This is a catadioptric lens, built with mirror and lens elements to create the very long focal length. This type of lens has a fixed aperture of 6.3. Smaller apertures of 11, 16 and 22 are simulated by adding neutral density filters to the light path using the selector knob on the left side of the lens.
Built in UV, red, yellow and orange filters are selected using the knob on the right.
The camera mount has a small clip on right side that releases the camera to rotate between portrait and landscape settings.
There is a standard tripod mount on the bottom. The lens weighs more than 10kg. You will need a heavy duty tripod and probably a counterweight to keep it steady.
It uses a Minolta SR mount.
The leather lens cap is almost 9" in diameter.
There is a large lens hood that unscrews. The lens hood alone weighs 1.3kg.
There are no detectable defects on the glass surfaces. The UV filter is slightly scuffed but did not appear to affect image quality.
The original wooden storage case is included.
The leather or leatherette insert on the left focus knob fell out. I have it and it will be included with the lens. I did not want to alter it in any way by trying to fix it myself.

I tested this lens using a glassless adapter on a Sony A77 A-mount camera. The lens will not focus to infinity with this setup. I attached a picture of a bird on a tree branch about 100 yards away. You should have no problem mounting it to a Sony E-mount with an adapter.

The lens with the storage case weighs 40lb. I am willing to ship anywhere in the world at the buyer's expense. I have added a $10 packaging fee to account for special shipping needs. If you have other special shipping needs let me know.
I'm happy to answer any questions or email additional photos.

Sold on e-bay, jun9, 2014 for USD 4150