Mamiya Sekor E/EF 35mm 1:2.8

The Mamiya Sekor E/EF 2.8/35mm is small and lightweight moderate wideangle for the Mamyia Z series of SLRs. It has the same optical construction as the earlier Sekor CS 2.8/35mm, but the built quality of the CS feels better since the focusing and aperture rings of the Sekor E/EF is made from plastics (focusing does not have a rubber grip and therfore feels plasticky).

Like the Sekor E 2.8/28mm alos the 2.8/35mm has a pretty sophistiated optical layout. While most contemporary 2.8/35mm were [5/5] designs, the Sekor E/EF has an additional 6th lens just in front of the aperture mechanism. 

Even wide open, the Mamiya CS and E/EF 2.8/35mm lenses have sufficient resolution for good 24 MP FF images. While contrast may be reduced (in a pleasing way!), the detail resolution is good even in corners. At infinity, distortion is very well controlled and difficult to spot even when shooting architecture (at MFD it becomes quite annoying, thogh). Vignetting is distinct at f2.8, and well controlled at f5.6 and beyond. 

Stopping down to f5.6 the resolution remains high, but the microcontrast increases considerably. If the remaining vignetting doesn't hurt (it rarely does) such images are can be blown up to 40 x 60 cm (or even larger if 50 MP cameras are used). Apart from reduced vignetting, the images taken at f8 and f11 look very similar.

Most 2nd generation 2.8/35mm lenses from the well known SLR manufacturers are very good, and the Mamiya Sekor E/EF is no exception. The Canon nFD, the Konica AR "compact", the Minolta MD, the Nikkor Ai/AiS, the Yashica ML and the Zeiss CY 2.8/35mm lenses all are very good performers. They are perfectly suitable for modern 24 MP (and to some extent also for 50 MP) full frame cameras.

The Sekor E/EF 2.8/35mm is pretty rare lens. My own sample has the SN 10016, thus indicating the 16th (!) lens manufactured, and I'm aware of another sample in the S/N 112XX range. Prices may vary wildly; my own EF 2.8/35mm was CHF 30.-- , but current listings are closer to CHF/EUF/USD 200.--.


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MAMIYA SEKOR E/EF 35mm 1:2.8                
(6 lenses / 6 elements)