Mamiya Sekor E 80-200mm 1:4

The Mamyia Sekor E was one of the last lenses added to the Sekro E lineup, together with the Sekro E 3.5/35-105mm. Like the 35-105mm, have never seen it pictured in brochures or leaflets, and very liite information can be found online. The lens probably was desigend as a cheaper successor to the eralier 3.8/80-200mm, but porduced only in small quantities. My sample has SN 10084, indicating th 84th lens produced. Unlike its precedessor, the "new" 4/80-200mm lens is a one-touch-zoom with a reduced MFD of only 1.0 m (instead of 1.2 m). 

As with all Mamyia Sekro E zooms, the barrel is completely made of metal (apart from the aperture ring), but it feels a bit less solid than the previous 3.8/80-200mm lens, mainly because of zoom creep. Focusing is not as smooth as with the eralier telezoom, and slightly wobbly. I haven't seen a lens section anywhere (not sure if it was published by Mamiya at all), but I assume it is a common [13/9] or [12/9] four group zoom layout.

The perfomance of the "new" E 4/80-200mm is not as good as the E 3.8/80-200, especially above 135mm. At longer focal lengths the lateral CAs are much stronger, and corner resolution at f=200mm isn't as good as with the earlier model. The E 4/80-200mm therefore is more a collectors item, a rare oddity at the very end of Mamiyas lens production for 35 mmm SLRs.




artaphot MamiyaSekor E 80-200f4

MAMIYA SEKOR E 80-200mm 1:4                 
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