Mamiya Sekor E 35-105mm 1:3.5-4.3

The rare Mamiya Sekor E 3.5-4.3/35-105mm zoom was one of the last lenses added to the Sekor E/EF lineup (along with the Sekor E 4/80-200 tele zoom). Like with all other Sekor E zooms, the lens barrel is made completely from metal. It is a one-touch-zoom, and zooming as well as focusing are smooth and well dampened. MFD is a not-so-convincing 1.6 m, but a second ring allows for close focusing to 1:4 (at f=50mm) or about 1:6 (at f=105mm). This solution is similar to e. g. the Minolta 3.5-4.5/35-105mm (I) and its sibling, the Tokina RMC 3.5-4.3/35-105mm.

While size, weight and lens speed would suggest that the Mamiya 35-105mm is a simple clone of the Tamron 3.5-4.3/35-105mm, it is not: Not only does the Mamiya's number of lenses and elements not fit the Tokina's, but also the reflections on the glass surfaces look completely different. The Osawa 3.5-4.5/35-105mm must be a different beast as well, since it is a [13/11] computation while the Mamyia E is [15/13]. Therefore it seems that the Sekor E 3.5-4.3/35-105mm is a genuine Mamiya lens which - along with the pretty rare Sekor E 4/80-200mm zoom - would have played a major role in the Mamiya lineup ... if Mamiya would have continued its 35mm SLR business!


The lens obviously is quite rare, and not many samples are known to exist. My own sample has a SN 10100, indicating the 100st lens produced.That doesn't mean, however, that the lens is expensive; it usually is offered for EUR 20.-- to 30.--. Most samples these days are from Finland; it seems that a small batch had been sold there just before Mamiya left the 35 mm SLR business in 1984.




artaphot MamiyaSekor E 35-105mmf35-43

MAMIYA SEKOR E 35-105mm 1:3.5-4.3              
(15 lenses / 13 elements)